Hi fellow dreamers !!

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I’m Reno and I’m the one who created the Dreamland saga, published by Pika.

I’m thirty-something and as far as I can remember I’ve drawn my entire life. At least, it depends what you call drawing, I always used to scribble on my parent’s books when I was a kid.

I’ve made comic strips for me and my mates since I was 7 so I’ve had time to tell lots of things in so many years!




Dreamland is my first creation having been published, in 2006 to be more precise.

It’s a mix of everything that has influenced and inspired me: from Tintin to Asterix, to Le petit Spirou (huge fan), to the Scrameutache or every Disney movie (aaah The Lion King!!).  

And of course Grendizer, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball (from the great Akira Toriyama), Bastard, Dragon Quest, Noritaka, Dungeon (Trondheim), Lanfeust of Troy  (only the first ones), Frank Miller, Hell Boy, The Simpsons, South Park, Kaamelot, Friends, Scrubs and last but not least One Piece!!!

All these have helped my imagination, my creativity to achieve what Dreamland is today.



Everything you’ll find on Dreamland Shop is new, it has never been seen in the books. I’ve tried to create original clothes that everyone can wear all the time without having written Dreamland all over.


There, now you know a little bit more about me and my creative journey !!!! Enjoy !


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