What is Dreamland ?

It’s THE big Adventure, a crazy journey where anything can happen !!


Dreamland is a French manga series published by Pika since 2006 and so far 11 books have been published.

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Dreamland is a crazy universe where dreamers’ imagination and travelers’ adventures are put together. A universe filled with strange, fabulous but sometimes dangerous creatures. There are different kingdoms divided in two groups: Kingdoms of dreams and Kingdoms of nightmares. The first ones are governed by kings whereas the others by Lords of nightmares. Join Terrence and his mates and discover the whole world of Dreamland!!

Terrence, 18, lives in Montpellier (South of France). By overcoming his phobia of fire, he changed his status in Dreamland: from a mere dreamer he became a traveler, a master of fire!! One of the most powerful powers but fire needs a lot of experience to be handled properly.  In this adventure Terrence made many encounters with other travelers: Savane the Fishmaker, Sabba the destiny paintbrush owner and Eve, the motif invoker.

Together they are the Lucky Stars and will persist in finding Edenia, the mysterious Soul Kingdom!!  And they will unwillingly be dragged into conflicts between creatures they didn’t even imagine possible.


 Introduction to Characters


 Terrence, 18, master of fire


A bit lazy, Terrence is a free electron in the Dreamland universe. He is the only master of fire who refuses to pledge allegiance to his Lord.

Though brave he is not that good in a fight. He is the stubborn kind of guy and really wants to find Edenia, a lost kingdom on the borders of Dreamland.




 Savane, 19, fish maker


He is the exact opposite of Terrence. Skirt chaser, self-confident, he excels in a fight. His dream is to became the number 1 in Dreamland, the strongest traveler ever!! All Lucky star members count on him to protect them.

He invokes fishes with whom he fraternized in the past: his power is unique and cannot be shared with another traveler at the same time.




Sabba, 22, no power


Sabba is a real drag. He has no power whatsoever but has a certain gift to make trouble. He always manages to get in a fine mess but thanks to his luck always walks away unharmed.  

He is a unique case in Dreamland since he does not possess any power but just became aware of Dreamland on his own, without having to overcome any fear.  Some think he might be on drugs… he is however the owner of the priceless treasure, the destiny paintbrush!!



 Eve, 18, motif invoker


Eve is the girl of the group. She perfectly portrays today’s girls: big mouth, strong, stubborn, liberated, no hang-ups and so sexy!! 

She is rational and mature, 2 qualities that the others are missing. She can invoke whatever is on her  t-shirts, her power then depends on what she is wearing.




But Dreamland isn’t just about the Lucky stars, there are other travelers with different natures and motives.

Dreamland is a multitude of characters, each one more interesting than the other, who live in a dream world.


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