How to use Dreamland Shop ?

Reno is in charge of drawing the items. You will only find new drawings (that is that you have never seen them in the books) on the fabric, the posters …

Claire is the manager of the Site and she is in charge of the orders.

What to do to keep my sweat/t-shirt shapely for years ?

If you want to keep your clothes in good shape as long as possible, here are some advices :

  •   - Set on cold water wash or at 30°C (86°F)
  •  - Iron it upside down (do not iron on drawing at any cost)
  •  - Do not use bleaching agents on it
  •  - Do not put it in dryer

 You can find these instructions on clothes label

How to choose my size ?

To choose well your item, check the board below, it gives you indications on clothes lenght and width.

    Sweat UG and Lucky Startaille sweat

 Size S M L XL XXL
 Width (cm) 56 58 60  64 65
 Lenght (cm)  66 69 70 71 74


taille t shirt    T-shirt Dreamland men

Width (cm) 46 50 53 56 58 61
Lenght (cm) 63 71 73 74 75 75


 T- shirt Flam men

Size S M L XL
Width (cm) 46 50 55 60
Lenght (cm) 66 68 70 72


T-shirt SYK

Width (cm) 47 49 52 55 59
Lenght (cm) 66 67 68 69 73


Tattoo Jacket

Size S M L XL
Widht (cm) 52 56 61 65
Lenght (cm) 65 71 74 78


How to contact you ?  

You can contact us per phone at the following number +33 (0) 9 50 07 50 01 from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm or email us:

The package I received is damaged, what should I do ?  

Upon reception of your package, please inspect immediately the state it is in and refuse it if it is damaged.

We can then proceed to an exchange against another product.

I’ve changed my mind and I don’t want the product anymore.

You have 7 days in which you can change your mind.

In that case, you must return the product(s) unused, in its original packing.

Returned products will be refunded (excluded shipping cost) with 30 days after receipt of the products.

I do not live in France, can I place an order ?

Of course! Dreamland Shop delivers everywhere in the real world.

Customs duties may vary depending on the country you live in.  

Is online payment really secured ?  

Online payment is made through the BNP bank to ensure payment is made safely. The details of your credit card will be encrypted.  We do not keep your credit cards details, everything goes through a secure payment system.

I found a Dreamland product on another website and that was cheaper.

That’s impossible. Dreamland Shop is the only official shop to have Dreamland Products. They are drawn by Reno. It must be a fake.  

Can I by the books online too ?

Dreamland Shop only offers spin-off products for sale.

You can always buy the books in a bookstore.